Europe Day  is an annual celebration on the  9th of May  to recognise Peace, Prosperity and Unity within the European Union.

Act on Europe Day - 9th of May

The Values and Achievements of the Europe are under attack. Unlike other European nations the UK does not meaningfully mark Europe Day, however, it offers Pro-European citizens, civil society organisations, media and politicians the opportunity to celebrate the benefits that the EU membership has brought the peoples and nations of Europe.


“To the people of Europe, I say this; You are the generation who have lived through the longest period of peace and the greatest level of prosperity ever. “Never take it for granted. Value it. Fight for it. Defend it every day.”

 Value it. Fight for it. Defend it. 

The UK and its citizens have a poor track record of engaging with European initiatives. Use the links below to find out more.


Ideas for Europe Day

We've put together a list of ways that you can get involved on the 9th

Organise | Celebrate

European Solidarity Corps

Develop a solidarity project or go on a fully funded placement in the EU

Join the Corps

Europe Day Merch

Wear a custom T-shirt on May 9th to show your support for a good cause

Coming Soon

 EU Elections  23rd of May 

A third of young people aren't registered to vote. Register now or help to spread the word.

Register to Vote

There's still time to register to vote in the UK before the EU elections on 23rd of May. You must register before May 7th.


Choose your Future

This Time I'm Voting is a campaign from the European Parliament to encourage a higher voter turnout at the EU elections.

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